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Alé Thermal skinsuit

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Brand new PR.R thermal long sleeve skinsuit from Alé with Shammy 8HF pad. Designed for both training and racing, the PRR s...
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Brand new PR.R thermal long sleeve skinsuit from Alé with Shammy 8HF pad. Designed for both training and racing, the PRR series from Alé will give you only the best. All clothing in the PRR line is made from the best garment and technology. The suit has been aerodynamically optimized for the highest performance. The thin and tight-fitting fabric feels just like a second skin. 
This skinsuit is made for winning races without compromises.

The Shammy 8HF in elastic micro-fiber with high memory padding, strategically positioned in the contact points. The perineal and ischiatic area, the 120 kg maximum density padding, is calibrated and breathable on all covered points and ensures the utmost protection against collisions and stresses from the road. The lateral shaped wings are flexible and follow the body movements while pedaling, adapting to the cyclist's anatomy for the highest comfort.

This skinsuit is optimized for cold weather rides thanks to the extra layer of fleece inside. This makes it perfect for cyclo-cross in winter times or any colder races in general. 


  • Top-quality Shammy 8HF pad
  • Fleece inside
  • Perfect for cold conditions
  • Radio pocket
  • Super tight fit
  • Silicone ends in legs
  • No pockets
  • Made for the fastest races

Alé cycling clothing is known for its high Italian quality. Alé was established in 2013 with more than 30 years of experience in designing and stitching high-quality clothing for other brands. The close collaboration with the professional riders has optimized the technology of the garment used to make cycling clothing to every level, from beginners to professionals. Alé cycling clothing will give you the best for your ride

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