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SS Speedsuit - Simon Andreassen - Specialized Racing

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Specialized short sleeve speedsuit from Simon Andreassen, the previous world MTB and CROSS champion. Simon is a Danish cyc...
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Specialized short sleeve speedsuit from Simon Andreassen, the previous world MTB and CROSS champion. Simon is a Danish cyclist competing in cyclo-cross and mountain bike. He rides as part of the Specialized Racing MTB Pro Team.

This top-quality collection has exclusively been made for the Specialized MTB Pro Team. Speed suits are made for the highest aerodynamic and best comfort - It combines the benefits of the aerodynamic skinsuit and the comfortable classic bib and jersey.

This speedsuit is made for pure racing. It fits tight and perfectly on the body, giving optimized aerodynamics for high performance. The suit is made with three back pockets for storing essentials. The laser-cut leg grippers are lined with soft silicone for a close, comfortable fit that will keep the suit in place at any time. The speedsuit features a top-quality Specialized BodyFit Pro pad for supreme comfort. 

Specialized is a brand that was founded in 1974 in the U.S.A by a cyclist with a desire for products that weren’t available at the time. He brought European quality to the U.S. and optimized it. Specialized is a brand made for riders, by riders!


  • Highly breathable and comfortable
  • Perfect fit while in the riding position
  • Classic Specialized design
  • 3 back pockets
  • Top-quality Specialized BodyFit Pro pad
  • Tight fit
  • Original Specialized garment from Specialized MTB Pro Team

Notice: This speedsuit is made with a fit suiting tall and slim riders

Why buy this speedsuit?
The short sleeve speedsuit from Specialized is made with the best available fabrics and features a level of fit that’s second to none. If you are looking for performance and comfort this speedsuit won’t disappoint. The pad from Specialized makes them even better.

*The clothes from Specialized '19 collection have been worn by Simon A. racing with his team Specialized Racing. This means that the garments are in a used condition.
Overall, the condition is 7 out of 10. 

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