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SCICON Aeroshade - Crystal gloss

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The Scicon Aeroshade is developed with vision-enhancing engineering and designed to suit the performance needs of world-cl...
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The Scicon Aeroshade is developed with vision-enhancing engineering and designed to suit the performance needs of world-class athletes, this style delivers leading innovation and technologies to improve your vision and performance.

Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Aeroshade sunglasses are made for athletes that seek a larger field of vision, best in class protection and ergonomic adaptability for a perfect fit and style.

The large cylindrical base-6 shield lens offers an unprecedented panoramic view in any position. Featuring our Panorama Arch™ technology, a raised top bar for an unobstructed view as well as our proprietary Horizon Adapt™ mechanism, a height-adjustable nose pad allowing you to tailor your field of vision further depending on your preferred riding position. Whether you are sitting at the wheel or leading the pack in front of the group, you can always count on the quality and sharpness of vision that the Aeroshade offers you.

The lenses are interchangeable and we offer a variety of different lenses to this specific frame.

Both the Aerowing and Aeroshade can be seen on the World Tour where both UAE Team Emirates and Team BikeExchange are wearing them. It can only be regarded as a seal of approval when the winner of Tour De France 2020 is wearing them.

We offer the Crystal Gloss frame with the following lenses:

- Multimirror Silver

What’s in the box

  • Aeroshade sunglass
  • Spare SCN-PP™ Clear Lens
  • Multi-use Eyewear Soft Case (doubles up as cycling saddle bag)
  • Microfibre Soft Pouch


  • Quality Made in Italy
  • SCN-PP™ True Vision Multimirror Lens
  • Protection against High-Mass & High-Velocity Impact.
  • Optical Clarity
  • Mirror coating reducing glare & reflecting sun rays away from the eye


SCICON offers a scratched lens replacement program; this means that every SCICON lens comes with coverage to protect your sunglasses from damage while on the go. Every 12 months you will be able to get your hands on two new lenses if you scratch them. SCICON will provide you with an exclusive voucher code to get a 100% discount on the purchase of one replacement lens of your choice on Each incident is subject to a small service and handling fee.

Follow this link to start your claim if your lens gets a scratch:

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