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Rebel Royal Pro 45 Carbon Clincher Rim wheelset

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REBEL ROYAL PRO 45The Royal Treatment 2.0The Royal Pro 45 wheelset is Rebels take on a high-end wheelset.To take the often...
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The Royal Treatment 2.0

The Royal Pro 45 wheelset is Rebels take on a high-end wheelset.
To take the often used “high-end” term seriously, the Royal Pro is built with superior quality in mind – but without the hefty price tag attached.

The heart of the wheelset is the DT240EXP hubs.
DT swiss's 240 hubs have numerous times been called the world’s best hubs. They represent a gold standard for how a set of hubs should be built and perform.
With an extreme focus on build quality, reliability, high-performance bearings, and the easy to service Star Rachet system the DT240EXP is genuinely a high-end component and the perfect foundation for a truly high-end wheelset

The Royal Pro 45 wheelset uses Sapim’s top-tier Aero Spoke - CX-Ray. These spokes are used by top bike racers and triathletes worldwide and provide unique strength and flexibility.

The Royal Pro 45 carbon rim uses Ultra Smooth Molding technology to reduce the rim weight, maintain strength, and ensure rigidity when racing.
Furthermore, The Royal Pro 45 rim uses advanced machinery and Diamond Polishing Treatment for the braking surface, which allows braking directly on the woven carbon fibre, which improves braking performance in both wet and dry weather conditions.

To top it all off, the Royal 45 carbon rim features a no temperature limit brake track that significantly improves braking performance and gives the rider a more secure and consistent braking performance on a highspeed descent or in wet conditions.
The Royal Pro also features a water transport system that leads the water away from the braking surface and further improves an already superior braking experience.

When these components all come together, the result is very light, very stiff, and durable wheelsets that tackle every cycling challenge with absolute ease.
Heading out for stealing KOMs, smashing Strava-segments, doing local races, Gran Fondos, doing semi- or Profesional bike races – The Royal Pro will provide a truly high-end experience!


  • Brand new
  • 45mm profile
  • Compatible with Shimano/Sram 11 speed
  • Dimension: 28mm external, 21mm internal
  • Dual Fit – Clincher and Tubeless compatible
  • No need for rim- or tubeless tape
  • DTSwiss 240EXP straight-pull hubs
  • Sapim CX-Ray spokes
  • Spoke Count: 20 front and 24 rear
  • Weight: (without tire/tube, quick-releases, and cassette): 1435 g. (Front: 665 g. / Rear: 770 g.)
  • Weight Limit: 120 kg. limit
  • Comes with Rebel Quick-releases and carbon-specific brake pads


  • 1000 days warranty
  • Rebel Crash replacement program

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