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LS Skinsuit - C3 - Australian National Team

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Brand new long sleeve skinsuit from Santini. This skinsuit with Santini's C3 pad comes directly from the Australian Nation...
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Brand new long sleeve skinsuit from Santini. This skinsuit with Santini's C3 pad comes directly from the Australian National Team and is made for the 2016 season. The skinsuit fits tight and perfectly on the body, giving optimized aerodynamics. At the bottom of the legs and sleeves, there is an elastic silicone band, ensuring that the legs and sleeves are seated perfectly.
It is Santini's top model, which is custom made for the Australian National Team. This means that this is a very high-quality skinsuit. The material is breathable, which ensures good comfort even when the body sweats.

The pad: Santini's C3 pad is an endurance high-performance chamois, ideal for long hours in the saddle. The pad offers maximum shock protection, incredible lightness, breathability, and perfect fit because it adheres better to the body allowing freedom of movement. The Rooted Gel located in the ischium (sit bones) area allows for neutralization of vibration when the pad is under stress.


  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Tight fit
  • Zipper on front
  • C3 pad
  • Long sleeve version
  • Elastic silicone band on the inside of the legs, sleeves and neck
  • Original Pro team cycling clothes

Why buy a skinsuit?
The Skinsuits tight fit is made for pure speed. The skinsuit is made by the Italian brand Santini, which is known for providing top quality clothing for all seasons. Skinsuits are specifically made for use during Time Trials, as they are designed to sit extremely tight on the body and with an absolute minimum amount of stitches, zippers and no pockets in an attempt to eliminate drag as much as absolutely possible.

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