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Assos Short Sleeve Speedfire Skinsuit - Dimension Data for Qhubeka

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Brand new Assos Short Sleeve Skinsuit from the Continental division of the World Tour Team Dimension Data*. Made for the 2...
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Brand new Assos Short Sleeve Skinsuit from the Continental division of the World Tour Team Dimension Data*. Made for the 2019 season.

This skinsuit is made for the best possible balance between speed and support. It is designed and engineered to be a second skin, gaining ultimate aerodynamics, superb comfort, and the highest level of support.

The main textile on the upper half of the suit is developed in the wind tunnel and featuring a woven jacquard 3D-structure that’s noted for exceptional moisture management, breathability, compressive qualities, and slippery speed.
The A-Lock Engineering is used to brace the shorts and ensure they remain stabilized in the most difficult against-the-clock environments. Just two panels are used, with a primary “butterfly” panel fully wrapping the legs and converging in the rear to form our ergoBox structure.
Bringing the suit together is a zipper placed on the front for easy access. The sleeves are held in place by a silicone band, and so is the raw-cuttet legs end.

The chamois used for this unique skinsuit is an Assos Mille insert, a light, fast-drying, breathable insert employing a three-layer foam with the anti-friction, goldenGate technology, which allows the insert to float for even better comfort and prevent saddle-sore.


  • Brand new
  • Made for ultimate aerodynamics, comfort and performance
  • Feature Assos A-lock engineering system, Woven Jacquard 3D-Structure, Butterfly system and ergoBox fit system
  • Ultra-tight fitting - A second skin
  • Assos Mille chamois for superb comfort
  • Zipper on front
  • Silicone to keep the sleeves and legs secure in place
  • Designed in collaboration with Team Dimension Data

*Dimension Data for Qhubeka cycling team was a sub-division of the Dimension Data Pro Cycling team which was a World Tour Team. The Dimension Data for Qhubeka Continental division acted as a supply chain for the Pro Tour Team which competed at the highest level in the cycling world. A successful team with stage wins in Giro d'Italia, Tour Down Under, Paris-Nice, and the European Championships. Team Dimension Data had several well-known team profiles, including Roman Kreuziger, Michael Valgren, Edvald Boasson Hagen, the South African national road race champion Ryan Gibbons and the European time trial champion Victor Campenaerts.

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